Donation To Migrant Kids and Families

In a world where violence, hunger, political crisis permeates many societies that we once or forever will call home, it would be a grave hypocrisy to turn the blind eyes on those who are following ours or our parent's, grandparent's... footsteps, all with the burning desire to build a better life for themselves or their loved ones.

Here at, we are all about keeping people connected to their roots, wherever they come from, but while we are pursuing that vision, we have to remain vigilant in not overlooking those who have yet to cross to the other side, those putting themselves in arm's way, and desperately trying to make a better life for themselves and their families, which is why we have decided to do our part in helping migrant kids and families detained at the U.S border through one of the 7 organizations below:

  • Save the Children
  • Project Corazon
  • Immigrant Families Together Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services
  • Young Center for Immigrant Children's Rights
  • Act Blue's Support Kids & Families at the Border
  • Kids In Need Of Defense (KIND)

A portion of every purchase will help fund one of these organizations on a monthly basis. We recognize that this gesture is in no way significant, but as our business grow, we will continue to do more to help migrant kids and families in need, and we would encourage you to help out on your own as well if you have the privilege to do so.

Thank you