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About Us

Welcome to 1st Culture, your #1 source for high quality, feel good, country related items

We are originally from the islands, born and raised, so we know first hand what it means to feel connected to your roots. No matter what part of the world you are from, the feeling that you get when you feel like you belong, that you matter because of the sacred ancestral blood that runs through your vain is unique and special. we feel the same way too, which is why we, at 1stculture, have dedicated ourselves to bringing to you quality items that reminds you of where you or your parents or grand parents are from, items that we think you will enjoy wearing, having around you, your house or as a gift for a friend; items that inspire you.

At 1st Culture, we have a large collection of all types high quality items from many countries, our ultimate goal is to bring to you high quality items related to all countries around the world.

We work directly with the designers, crafters, and manufacturers, so there is no middle man in the process. This way we can offer our selections at great prices. But make sure you act fast, because the prices and products change on a DAILY BASIS.

At 1st Culture, you'll be sure to find the right items at the right prices. And if there's a special item that you're looking for but can't find it on our site, please let us know by filling out our contact form on the Contact Us page.

Thanks for visiting 1st Culture, hope you enjoy your shopping experience with us.