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Use Code FLASH20OFF at checkout for 20% OFF Your ORDER.

18k Gold Plated Cuba Map Necklace, Cuba Map Necklace, Cuba Charm, Cuba Pendant, Cuba Necklace, Havana Map Pendant, Cuba Key Chain

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$18.99 - $20.99
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Color: Gold
Made With Love!

Cuba is by all measures a melting pot of cultures, it is very rich in culture as some puts it. Cha-cha-cha and salsa is among the predominant musical genres. Cuban cuisine, as some would attest to, is very delicious and is influenced by Caribbean and Spanish cuisines. Cuba is a vibrant, beautiful island whose people are among the most educated and courteous in the world.

- Perfect fit for any outings.
- Simple yet, super gorgeous
- Show your pride for your place of origin
- Unique fashion statement
- Great conversation piece
- Show it off to your friends

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This is a fashion jewelry.

18K Gold Plated Cuba Map necklace, Cuba map necklace, Cuba Charm, Cuba pendant, Cuba necklace, Havana map pendant, Cuba key chain